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Philip Malherbe

Philip Malherbe

Managing Director Sunbird Lighting (Pty) Ltd

About Me

The benchmark in poultry lighting since 2009.
Our tried-and-tested, world renowned product is trusted by leading global poultry producers. Our reputation for superior bird performance, unparalleled reliability and market leading efficiency is one we’re continuously aspiring to maintain, and improve.
We believe in the philosophy of keeping things simple and sticking to a tried-and-tested recipe that we know works well. Our product is purpose built at our factory in South Africa using vital research and development conducted by our team to deliver a durable,
efficient lighting solution for our customers.
Our Number 1 priority is to ensure that when you hit the switch, the lights come on. That’s why our dedicated technicians and parts departments are able to provide immediate technical support in six languages from our very own factory where the entire SUNBIRD® system is manufactured.