About Me

As Managing Director, Ken oversees the entire performance of EmTech. Ken spearheads our vision of ensuring that all our clients receive not only the highest quality equipment but also the best results.

en Baker, EmTech’s Managing Director, and Mike Osmond, EmTech’s Operations Director, began their journey in the incubation business with Buckeye, based in Lopen, UK, and then later with ChickMaster in Bridgwater.

Ken joined the incubation business in 1992 and he soon played crucial part in taking incubator control systems into the digital age.

Mike goes back further, managing the logistics of incubator shipping and the spare parts business for many years. John Russell, now looking after EmTech’s Sales and Business Development, from the early 1990’s was Buckeye’s Joint owner and Managing Director, and was instrumental in growing the incubation business and forming very successful trading relationships around the world.

Sophisticated plc based control systems, stainless steel hatchers, hatchery monitoring and alarms, and 36 trolley setters were a few of the innovations that John, Ken and Mike helped bring to the industry.
Ken, latterly, was also influential in development of reverse paddle fan and variable speed technology and crucially, the design of hatchery heat recovery systems, in particular the innovative stand alone ventilation systems.

In 2015 Ken Baker and Mike Osmond launched EmTech Hatchery Systems, based, ironically, back where it all started in the same premises, albeit now completely modernised, that Buckeye had occupied at the beginning of their careers. It was fitting that this should be the case as both Ken and Mike had always retained a belief that by combining some of the older concepts with the latest technological advances, it could form an excellent platform from which to create a brand new range of incubators.

The result, after a great deal of hard work and an unyielding belief in their vision and abilities, is a brand new range of incubation and ventilation systems that could only be achieved in the most experienced of hands. These new systems were trialled in hatcheries in the UK and very soon their performance and functionality became the talk of the industry. A leading independent UK company was happy to make known that EmTech’s systems were showing up to 3% increase in performance alongside similar equipment from other manufacturers. Due to the >EmTech Effect< within a very short time EmTech’s business and sales was gathering momentum with sales in USA, Australasia, Europe and Asia for their Single and Multi-stage incubators, ventilation systems, competitively priced spare parts and smaller incubators.