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Daniel Molnar

Daniel Molnar

Product manager

About Me

Already as a child I grew up in livestock nutrition next to my active consultant parents. During my university years I gained experience in relations with suppliers and farmers, the daily organization of an agricultural trade company at the Taurina-Kanizsa Forage Production and Serviceing Ltd. Then, I got an opportunity at one of Hungary's market leaders in veterinary, Alpha-Vet Ltd. to raise a department dealing with innovative feed supplements and its market introduction. In addition to the domestic livestock sector, I could gain an international outlook through corporate scholarship in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which eventually prompted me to deepen my knowledge in the context of animal nutrition Master's programs. On the end, I could exploit this as an international technical leader in the last years and could learn more about the European and Asian animal nutrition sector.

At the moment my goal is to build a succesfull livestock department for the world market leading Humintech GmbH in Humic substance based products.

In the future my goal is to further extend my experiences of animal nutrition and international trade. I am motivated by implementing challenges which I can achiewe wide recognition for my team and for myself with.