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Poly Protech Company Limited

Poly Protech Company Limited

We are an established professional team with over 30 years of experience in the insulation industry. Poly Protech aspires to be the best possible insulation solutions for livestock purpose in the region.

We use the state of art tailored made machineries to suit the present needs and future challenges in the insulation markets, locally and globally by focusing on the livestock sector. Our continuous research and development team ensure that our products are on the edge of technology, aiming to maximize our customers' satisfaction across insulation applications in the livestock market.

Poly Protech offers a wide range of livestock insulation. Materials made from foils and bubbles with highest quality. We work closely with clients to understand the livestock market demands, attend to clients need, resolve teachnical issues, and find the best possible sustainable and effective insulation solutions.

Poly Protech's products are available with different variants of bubbles that delivers high performance not only in controlling heat penetration but also suitable for livestock insulation of any type of barn and animal houses. We aim to be the number one reflective insulation supplier for livestock in the region, manufacturing the BEST quality products, and being able to provide the best NEXT innovations.

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