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Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Expertise: Poultry, Fish, Cattle & Calves, Dairy cows, Poultry Layers, Poultry Broilers, Pigs, Pets, Cows, Swine

Ottevanger Milling Engineers B.V.

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a leading global supplier of production equipment and processing lines for the grain processing and compound feed industry.

At our modern and well-equipped manufacturing facilities in Aalten and Moerkapelle, we design and produce a comprehensive range of process equipment according to the latest standards, and incorporating the newest technologies.

Our expertise lies in engineering, manufacturing, project management, and cereal processing. We plan, design and manage the construction of complete production facilities or individual lines for processes such as:
»» Feed mills
»» Premix and concentrate plants
»» Aqua feed and Pet food installations
»» Cereal processing lines
»» Biomass installations

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