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Designer and manufacturer of high-technological portioning and grading systems for food processing industries

MARELEC Food Technologies has been active in food processing since 1983. The first activities of MARELEC were manufacturing traction control systems for on board fishing vessels and motion compensated scales. Soon the benefits of these innovative developments were appreciated by the fishermen because of the increased safety and higher efficiency.
Today, the core activity is focused on the design and production of high-technological portioning and grading systems for food processing companies in the fish, poultry and meat industries. MARELEC is a world market leader with the PORTIO, an intelligent portion cutter that cuts fresh meat, poultry or fish into fixed weight portions.
MARELEC, based in Belgium, focuses on export and has a worldwide network of more than 50 exclusive distributors. These are supported by a strong team of technical and commercial sales engineers, resulting in an export of more than 95%.
The machines are designed and developed by a young team of enthusiastic engineers, each of whom is a specialist in the field of mechanical design, electro mechanics and electronics. In addition, all software is written in-house. This for the operating systems of the machines as well as for the own production management software MATRIX.
After design and development, all machines are produced, assembled and tested at the workplace in Nieuwpoort by a team of welders, mechanics, electricians and engineers.
In the meantime, thousands of systems are operational and an efficient team of enthusiastic service engineers guarantees optimal technical support worldwide, and this on a 24/7 basis.

People of MARELEC Food Technologies