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KUBUS profile

KUBUS, is a pioneer Company and leader in artificial insemination in several species, is manufacturer of semen extenders, equipment, consumables and technology since 1986. Present in more than 55 countries.
Animal artificial insemination products and services:
– Equipment and supplies for laboratory, boar studs and farms
- Collection: Hands free dummy sow
- Evaluation: CASA
- Processing: Dilution vats, extender dispenser, sealing machines for tubes and blíster (QS1000)
– MR-A® Antiox, MR-A® Long Term, MR-A® 3, MRAbit®, semen preservation extenders
- Sperm Guardian, semen collection extender
– Predil MR-A®, synthetic seminal plasma
– MR-A® Thaw, revitalizing frozen semen extender
- Consumbales for insemination: catheters for CAI and PCAI insemination, foam tip, spiral, inner rods, etc
– Design & layout of artificial insemination centers and laboratories
–Know how & expertise in assisted reproduction technologies

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