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INNO + is a leader in the field of climate and air cleaning technology for both intensive livestock farming and industry. With extensive knowledge and broad experience, we offer tailor-made and turnkey solutions to reduce ammonia, odor and particulate matter, improve energy usage and provide optimal climate for Pig and poultry production. At a time when many policy makers are introducing laws and regulations that affect your business operations, we offer convenience and security with our innovative concepts.
Our 4G climate system will ensure air that leaves the building is clean, energy harnessed from heat generated is re used and that conditioned living quarters provide an optimal environment for better animal health and welfare. The intelligence in these systems will be such, they will help the animals demonstrate natural behaviour and make better use of the facilities available.

Systems avialable: 4G climate, Air scrubber, Chemical, Combi, Biological, Triple EEE, Air WTW, Geo balance, Pad cooling, Heat recovery, Reverse osmosis, Terrasea, Dust filter, Water purification, Air exchanger,
Water exchanger.

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