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HatchTech develops equipment for the poultry industry to produce and safeguard superior chick quality. HatchTech started in 1995 as a new producer of Incubation Technology and introduced the technology of Laminar Airflow via patented perforated radiators. This technology has led HatchTech to one of the world market leaders of incubation equipment. HatchTech applied the technology of Laminar Airflow to a transport system for d.o.c’s (HatchTraveller) and to the new system that controls the crucial aspects during the brooding period (HatchBrood). Nowadays HatchTech products are organised into 3 divisions:
· HatchTech– Incubation Technology
· HatchTraveller – Chick Transport
· HatchBrood – Brooding Control
HatchCare, the Hatcher with Light, Feed and Water, our latest concept that brings a whole new vison on very profitable incubation with early feeding.

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