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Geohellas S.A. is a technical clays company exploiting the unique attapulgite deposits in Europe located in Northern Greece. With an annual production of 160,000 MT, Geohellas offers for the animal feeding sector four series of attapulgite based products for: toxin binding (SANFED ULTRA), digestive health & natural growth promotion (ULTRAFED) (Registered: FAMI-QS , GMP+, Secure Feed). Geohellas that developed a series of very absorbent bedding conditioners with antimicrobial and strong ammonia binding functions (AXORB F WILLOW), provides also natural soil improvers (AGLEV®SI), carriers for agrochemicals (AGLEV®FT), industrial absorbents (ABSO-PRO). Geohellas products are exported to more than 35 countries across the world.
Attapulgite is a rare magnesium aluminosilicate with a very high-water absorption capacity, used for its anti-diarrheal actions in animals and humans. Special innovative thermo-mechanical methods applied by Geohellas are enhancing internal (hydrophilic) and external (oleophilic) surface properties of attapulgite that induce optimal anti-diarrheal and selective binding actions on toxins (Zearalenone, Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin, Fumonisin, T2/HT2, etc) and bacterial toxigenic strains of E. Coli and Cl. Perfringens. An extensive comparison of toxin binding efficiency (%) of new attapulgite based products versus state of the art commercial toxin binders has been made, indicating the higher stability and efficiency of attapulgite versus bentonite-montmorillonite toxin binders.
Synergetic action of attapulgite products with probiotics and essential oils (oregano extract) [ULTRAFED® PREMIUM series] is enhancing antibacterial and health status and performance of fattening pigs and broilers/layers while stimulating the auto-immune system of the animals.

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