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Finding Synergy With People and Products

CERESCO NUTRITION is a Canadian R&D company known for the new research using electromagnetic frequencies to improve Synergy in animal feed.

We make a natural feed additive called Silica Plus that helps the animals grow faster but in a natural way, without any side effect.

SILICA+ is a crystalline structured silicon dioxide of high purity which has undergone electromagnetic treatment under Ceresco’s unique technology. Added to the feed, SILICA+ acts as a catalyst improving all the biochemical reactions and especially the hydrolysis reaction responsible for the degradation of macromolecules into nutrients. In fact, SILICA+ increases the ionic exchange that takes place naturally during these reactions up to the point of optimal balance.

SILICA+ has been successfully used in animal nutrition for swine, poultry, ruminants and aquaculture production.

Today, SILICA+ technology has most recently been used to create Calica+, a natural alternative to certain antibiotics.