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Dedicated range of Amino Acids for Aquaculture

BCF Life Sciences produce a complete range of natural amino acids mixes dedicated for Aquaculture performance improvement. These unique and natural free amino acids mixes are extracted from a sustainable protein source (Poultry Keratin). With 92% of amino acids in free form, a very low molecular weight, Kera-Aqua® range ensure 97% in vivo digestibility with instant assimilation and high attraction effect when applied on feed formulations.
Available in liquid and powder forms, Kera Aqua® range products are applicable as well by incorporation in the mixer before pelletizing as by coating around the pellet in order to ensure significant improvements regarding Feed Intake, Growth parameters and Feed Conversion Ratio.
To know more about it, you can assist to our conference on March, 13th session #9 or visit us on our booth!

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