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Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Expertise: Poultry, Processing / Food Engineering

Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Alberk was founded by Mr. Nihat Çelik in 1995. We provide Poultry Slaughterhouse Equipment and Solutions, We offer realistic project design in line with your production needs and processing capacity. High-quality, efficient, sustainable poultry processing projects in any scale. By integrating our state-of-the-art equipment with our engineering and manufacturing skills, we always offer a superior solution. Our management and manufacturing teams are all composed of experts. Alberk family is composed of success-oriented marketing, sales, project, manufacturing, logistics and technical service teams that are all devoted to our corporate values. Thanks to our spare
part stocks, we are always ready to fulfill the after-sales demands of the commissioned projects. We manufactured and commissioned tens of processing systems in three continents. With our Istanbul headquarter and our representatives across the world. Conact us and let’s plan your poultry processing project together, and manufacture
and commission it with this strong and reliable partnership.

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