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Founded in 1999, Agromed is a leading provider of premium natural feed additives based out of Austria. Based on a philosophy of producing natural products for natural nutrition that yet meets today’s stringent demands for efficacy and quality, Agromed is committed to innovation and production of quality feed additives. Agromed has an established network of partners and distributors globally.

OptiCell® is a natural lignocellulose product made from fresh wood and a valuable dietary fibre source.  OptiCell® has a well-balanced combination of fermentable and non-fermentable fibre contents with positive effects that result in better gut health and positive influence of digestion.

DryCell is a litter material for lying areas of sows, cattle, poultry and other animals. It contains only plant components which bind moisture leading to dry stables and lying areas with improved air quality.  Also used to dust and dry newborn piglets.

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