ZHENG CHANG Piglet Feed Technology

                                                     Traditional pig feed technology

Raw material grinding - mixing - pelleting - cooling - grading - packaging


The anti-nutrient factors in raw materials cannot be effectively removed.
Piglet may have diarrhea after eating.
Poor palatability, low intake of piglet.
Directly affecting the growth and weight gain of finishing pig.


                                            Maturing technology production line



CONTI introduced the maturing technology production line four times in two years. The feed is sweet and crisp, pig likes to eat. There’s no diarrhea, no excessive internal heat and pig grows fast after eating it, creating considerable economic benefits.



Since 2009, Jinxinnong has built 5 high-quality maturing piglet feed projects, not only helping dealers and farmers raise the quality of feed, creating benefits for customers, but meeting the requirements of listing, expanding the competitiveness of the market.

Zhengda Conti


Its biscuit feed which using ZHENG CHANG maturing technology is popular with many farmers. It has unique shape, good palatability, quick weight gaining and easy digestion, helping the feed enterprises make the differential competitive advantage.



Huanshan Group introduced the maturing technology production line. The pig feed keeps the activity of the functional material in raw materials, improves the digestibility of feed, realizes the value of nutritionist formula.



The national patented maturing piglet feed technology helps Zhenghong create a harvest line with happiness. The differential technology and equipment has contributed to the further growth of its market share.



Since 2018, Wenshi, Hunan Weiye, Hubei Xiangda introduced the maturing technology production line one after another, to seek breakthroughs in the pig feed market, seize the opportunity and create profits.

Advantages of maturing technology

1. Produce high-grade pig feed in each stage. 
2. Eliminate anti - nutrition factors in raw materials, reduce the urease enzyme in soybean...

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