ZHENG CHANG piglet feed maturing technology production line

In April 2018, ZHENG CHANG piglet feed expander, double-screw aquatic feed extruder with advanced conditioning technology, high-efficiency pig feed pellet mill, upgraded vertical micro-pulverizer, new-type hammer mill with multi-cavity patented technology came on the stage at China Feed Industry Exhibition. Efficient and intelligent equipment, coupled with innovative and environmentally-friendly technology, attracted many visitors.  


The atmosphere at the scene was warm, and ZHENG CHANG national patented maturing technology production line and piglet feed expander became the focus of feed manufacturers.


Mr. Bo Hao, the chairman of ZHENG CHANG GROUP, was communicating with customers


Piglet Feed Expander

Used for producing 7-21days high-grade piglet feed.

Medium temperature + low temperature granulating process keep the activity of the functional material in raw materials and realize the value of nutritionist’s recipe.


High Efficiency Pig Feed Pellet Mill

Equipped with proper speed of ring die according to pig feed.
Increase the work area of ring die, improve the capacity.
Multi-point steam conditioning makes feed heated rapidly to improve the maturing degree.


Aquatic Feed Extruder

A new type of conditioner has been equipped to make the final feed maturing degree and uniformity better than the traditional ways.
Optional specialized configuration for floating feed and multifunctional configuration for both floating and sinkable feed according to the demands.


Vertical micro-pulverizer

It is suitable for micro-pulverization of pet feed, extruded fish feed, prawn feed, eel feed, turtle feed and small animal raw materials in large and medium-sized feed factory.
We can provide customers with 60-120 meshes of grinding fineness, more than 99% sieving rate of the finished products.
Output increased more than 15% compared with domestic similar machine.

Since 2014, ZHENG CHANG’s fourth generation of high-grade piglet feed maturing technology has been introduced. The piglet feed has been widely welcomed by the pig feed enterprises, especially the aquaculture enterprises, with the characteristics of "fragrant, sweet, crisp and nutritious". At present, it has been put into operation in many well-known domestic feed enterprises and received extensive praise from the market. 

Hunan Liuyanghe Group signed a contract of maturing technology production line with ZHENG CHANG at the booth. The signing of the both sides set off...

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