[ZHENG CHANG New Product] ZHENG CHANG New Reliable Hammer Mill

                                                 ZHENG CHANG new generation
                                                 Reliable Pig Feed Hammer Mill
                                       Use the latest multiple impact shear structures
                                       Crushing efficiency is higher and more stable

Crushing is one of the important processes in pig feed processing. The crushing will not only affect the efficiency and quality of the following processes, such as mixing, pelleting, extruding and expanding, but also affect the feed cost, nutritional value, sow performance, animal healthy and environmental health.


Therefore, a large number of pig feed enterprises put forward higher requirements for the key performance indicators of hammer mill, paying more attention to its crushing efficiency, crushing effect and stability. ZhengChang launched a new series of reliable hammer mills, including 4 models like SFSP120x50A、SFSP120x70A、SFSP120x 80A、SFSP120x110A, which will bring more choices to customers and enhance the economic and breeding benefits of enterprises.

The advantages:


(1) ZhengChang latest multiple impact shear structures have greater shear effect and higher crushing efficiency and stability.
(2) Optimum design of equipment core assembly, high speed operation, higher output, more stable and reliable.
(3) Multi-crushing cavity combination patented structure, more uniform abrasion, lower noise, low cost and longer service life.
(4) Simple and fast installation, maintenance and replacement of hammer.
(5) The application of high-quality sensors ensures that the operation control of the equipment at any time, which is safer and has more accurate control of finished products.

More optimization:
(1) More choices
This series of hammer mills has a variety of sieve aperture options (0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0), which can realize the coarse crushing and fine crushing.
(2) More Innovation
The structure has been re-improved and innovated, adding adjustable crushing zone. Under the combination...

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