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[ZHENG CHANG New Product] Automatic Microelement Batching System


Microelement Batching System for Industrial Production
High-tech Intelligent Mechanical and Electrical Equipment



The system can automatically and accurately complete the following tasks for powder, particle, bulk and bulk materials in various industrial environments: automatic weighing of microelements, automatic quantitative batching and automatic conveying control.
According to the customer's needs, we provide various specifications of bins, rotary hopper scales and conveying equipment, which can be combined with single scale, double scale and multi-scale system according to the quantity of ingredients.

System composition:
The automatic microelement batching scale system is mainly composed of frame, bin, batching conveyer, rotary hopper scales, scraper conveyer, electrical control unit and so on. Customers could add other auxiliary systems when customizing products according to actual site or production requirements.

Main functions:
(1) According to the material formula set by the computer, the automatic weighing of the...

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