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ZHENG CHANG Group Centennial Celebration


100 years build ZHENG CHANG brand
100 years create customer value


On October 18th, the centennial celebration of ZHENG CHANG Group was held in Liyang, Jiangsu. Friends from all over the world gathered together to witness the historic moment of ZHENG CHANG.

The moment of Century ZhengChang with brilliant history


The atmosphere of the celebration was warm and active, and the performances such as "Encouraging the New Era", "Innovating the World" and "The Power of Endeavour" all represented ZhengChang’s 100-year culture and century glory.

Spirit and ideal are united here, youth and future resonate here


The achievements of 100 years are inseparable from the efforts of ZhengChang staff. With decades of dedication, they used hard working, wisdom and sweat to play a significant role in the 100-year history of ZhengChang.

Accumulation of history and culture 
Blending of grow and harvest!


Over the years, ZhengChang has been committed to charity and regards ZhengChang's dedication as a value pursuit.

100 years passes quickly.
100 years create a century enterprise!


Light up the ZhengChang Dream and start a new journey!...

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