ZHENG CHANG fourth generation of maturing technology

With the increasing improvement of residents' income level and consumption expenditure, the demand for high quality products in the Chinese market has increased dramatically. Especially in recent years, Chinese consumers pay more and more attention to food safety.
As far as pork is concerned, it is a common food on the table. Due to the change of consumption consciousness, green pollution-free pork products have become the choice of more and more people.


As the source and foundation of the quality safety of animal derived food, feed is receiving more and more attention and supervision from the state, which also accelerated the transformation and upgrading of Chinese feed production and pig breeding enterprises to safety, efficiency and specialization.


200 thousand tons of green pollution-free pig feed production line
As a high-tech enterprise integrating research, trade and feed processing, Jinmu feed company focuses on feed development and production for ten years. In order to satisfy customers' demand for pork quality and seize market opportunities, Jinmu has accelerated the implementation of three new production lines.


Jinmu feed has strict requirements on the production line. Through strict inspection and selection, they finally chose the fourth generation of maturing technology production line developed by ZHENG CHANG. Through trial operation, this national patented technology made the survival rate of piglet increased by 21% and the raising cost reduced by 13%. It realized the value of nutritionist formula, improved the pork quality from the source of food, and realized the differentiated market competitive advantage for Jinmu.

Comprehensive evaluation of customers 
1.3D digital accurate design creates a comprehensive project
The overall layout is reasonable and the process flow is strong. It can effectively avoid cross contamination and ensure feed quality.


There are safety measures for workshop design, conveying line and pelleting section, which can eliminate the safety hazard of feed enterprises and reach the national standards for safety and clean production.
2. Professional and high-efficiency maturing technology production line
Growing fast, no diarrhea, full nutrition
Eliminate anti-nutrition factors in raw...

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