ZHENG CHANG feed project creates value for customers

Recently, the "2018 ZHENG CHANG pig feed maturing technology seminar and Entrepreneur Sodality of Anhui Feed association in north Anhui", sponsored by ZHENG CHANG, Anhui feed and health breeding industry association and Anhui Jinmu feed company, had a magnificent opening in Fuyang, Anhui.


Mr. Xin Zhang, president of Anhui feed and health breeding industry association, Mr. Ying Li, chairman of Jinmu Feed, Mr. Xiaodong Jiang, general manager of ZHENG CHANG, and a number of leaders and experts from the association, the provincial veterinary drug feed supervision institute and ZHENG CHANG. At the same time, more than 120 chairmen, general managers and production directors from all over the country participated and witnessed the event.
First of all, Mr. Xiaodong Jiang, general manager of ZHENG CHANG gave a speech to thank the arrival and support of all the leaders of the industry. He said, “Century-old ZHENG CHANG will combine with the trend of industry development, constantly develop and innovate, to help feed enterprises improve production efficiency and feed quality, and create different competitive advantages for feed enterprises”.


Mr. Ying Li, chairman of Jinmu Feed, also warmly welcomed the leaders and experts, showed the recognition and thanks to ZHENG CHANG for the high quality maturing piglet feed project.


Afterwards, Mr. Xin Zhang, President of Anhui feed and health breeding industry association, made a wonderful speech to open the ceremony.


ZHENG CHANG expert group brought feed industry hotspots and problems.
Topic 1: Discussion on the national standard of dust-proof and explosion-proof in feed factory


Facing a large number of illegal acts, irregularities and hidden troubles in the production process of feed plant, ZHENG CHANG lecturer (the expert involved in the national standard making), comprehensively analyzed the design of fire protection and explosion-proof in feed plant, and the 2008 edition of explosion-proof safety regulations which are easily ignored.
ZHENG CHANG will strictly follow the explosion-proof standards, select the right environmental protection technology for feed enterprises, and lead feed enterprises to a safe and long-term development track. And it is willing to work together with all feed enterprises to explore and provide solutions.
Topic two: Improvement of maturing piglet feed production technology


In order to solve the problems such as insufficient maturity, poor palatability, easy diarrhea and slow growth, ZHENG CHANG has brought a mature fourth generation of patented technology, which can fundamentally solve the above troubles for the farmers.
Topic three: Specification and innovation of installation details in project construction


High-quality engineering construction is closely related to information and systematic management.
ZHENG CHANG lecturer introduced the data management of modules such as accurate three-dimensional design, prefabrication, product delivery, showing the convenience and efficiency of ZHENG CHANG’s feed project from installation to production. 
Topic four: Upgrading of automation control system in feed plant 


The guests also exchanged opinions on "Upgrading of automation control system in feed plant". ZHENG CHANG experts introduced the key...

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