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ZHENG CHANG Century development road (Chapter three)


Scale and group development stage

Liyang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory is specialized in the research and development of feed equipment and feed engineering. Since 1987, it has continuously sought breakthroughs in technological innovation and product quality, and has developed rapidly, doubling the benefits in successive years.
On April 8, 1992, Liyang Grain and Oil Machinery Factory, with unremitting efforts, was upgraded to Liyang ZhengChang Grain, Oil Machinery and Feed Machinery Company, which rapidly developed from a single grain machinery enterprise into an integrated company including ZhengChang Grain and Machinery Factory, ZhengChang Complete Engineering company, ZhengChang Parts Factory and ZhengChang Oil Factory. “ZhenChang” was changed to “ZhengChang”, indicating that the company is in the stage of rapid development of prosperity, which further highlighted the majestic position to meet the challenges of market competition.
As ZhengChang grew in size and economic efficiency, it was upgraded to Jiangsu ZhengChang Group in 1994 and officially entered the ranks of provincial groups.
At the higher level, ZhengChang has more room to upgrade and develop itself. ZhengChang constantly updates its concept, seeks self-breakthrough, and intensifies its efforts from four aspects, namely increasing the intensity of manpower-based and technology-based enterprises; increasing research-driven economy and developing high-tech; strengthening enterprise restructuring and internal structure optimizing.
In just two years, it has developed into 25 economic entities, 4 holding companies, 8 sales offices and 10 cooperative sales points including feed machinery, complete...

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