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ZHENG CHANG century development road (Chapter one)


In 1918, warlords incessantly fought and the great powers were rampant, the entire Chinese nation became turbulent. At that time, a famous patriotic businessman in Liyang opened the first oil and grain processing workshop in the pier street, named ZHEN CHANG. To revitalize the Chinese nation, the words ZHEN CHANG fully means the founder was praying for prosperity while suffering national calamity.
ZHEN CHANG based itself on the troubled times, but cherished the ambition of enriching the people and strengthening the country. It often helped provide the poor people with grain and oil, and solve their livelihood problems. With the painstaking efforts of founders, ZHEN CHANG flourished in the turbulent years.

From traditional oil and grain workshop to machinery plant


In 1924, ZHEN CHANG began to use machine power.
By 1945, it was completely free of traditional workshop production and owned its machinery workshop. In the process of processing oil and grain, ZHEN CHANG gradually learned and mastered the processing...

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