With sincere creation to continue the century development

As a leader in China's feed machinery industry, Jiangsu ZhengChang Group has always adhered to the spirit of craftsman ingenuity during the century journey of entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence, focusing on forging internal strength and brave the trend of industry.


In the processing workshop of ZhengChang, the workers were processing a group of pellet mill from Brazil. Unlike the traditional pellet mill with single ring die, this pellet mill with double ring die has higher processing precision. 
"The hole shaft and pressure plate of double ring die are separate. It is difficult to ensure the error value according to the technical requirements." Yi Xu, leader of a processing workshop said. 


In line with the intensive development trend of feed industry, ZhengChang has continuously strengthened the research and development of new technologies and products, and created a series of “the Best”. As early as 2015, ZhengChang received a difficult order to manufacture the largest 1208 pellet mill with two-meter height and large double ring dies in Asia. In face of the tense schedule, the whole processing team worked overtime, discussing the solution over and over again. The scientific research personnel also stayed in the workshop and worked together day and night.


At the International Production & Processing Expo(IPPE) held in the United States in early 2017, ZHENG CHANG 1208 pellet mill amazed the world. This equipment realized the automatic control of hourly75-ton complete feed...

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