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VIV worldwide and the covid-19 challenge: the exhibitions perspective

VIV worldwide and the covid-19 challenge: the exhibitions perspective

The animal husbandry industry has been hardly hit by the pandemic, like the whole world has.

Parts of the value chain had to deal with a slowdown in production, others had to re-structure within days or weeks the whole operation line, and others had to stop completely. VIV worldwide exhibitions, accelerators of the Feed to Food value chain and trading since decades, have become one of the missing links in the animal protein production over the past 3 months. Together with the food service industry, and other aspects of the supply world, exhibitions could not perform at all during the lockdown. From the organizers’ point of view, here is how covid-19 challenges the show industry.

Postponements phase: new experience at VIV worldwide
Certainly at VIV worldwide teams, no one had experienced postponements before. To postpone events that were ready to kick-off felt like loosing a championship, even if the championship could not be played in the first place. Resilience was the solution that VIV worldwide together with its exhibitors and partners chose to manage the emergency and postpone some of the very much awaited shows of last March, such as the 3rd edition of VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi and the newly launched VIV cooperation with VICTAM on animal feed and health and nutrition in Bangkok.

VIV Online 24/7: the choice of staying connected  
As meeting face to face became impossible, VIV Online 24/7 took an even more central stage. VIV Online 24/7 is the added dimension to the in-person VIV trade events, since its birth a couple of years ago. Reachable at the address, the portal mission is to keep the VIV community connected all year long, between show times, via knowledge sharing and other online services.


Once the lockdown began, the VIV worldwide team launched a campaign to encourage existing users and other VIV qualified relations, such as the VIV Industry leaders and visitors, to jump on the digital platform and stay connected. VIV Online offers a safe and approachable space to keep up to date with recent industry developments, find suppliers and network with companies and peers. A catalogue of 2,500 qualified suppliers is available and the practice of knowledge sharing has already produced almost 1,300 articles on a variety of topics. VIV Online 24/7 is evolving and growing daily and welcomes all professionals in the Feed to Food industry to share, learn, and interact for free.

Crucial obstacles to address: physical distancing & travel restrictions
The expo industry has spent the past two months evaluating the new challenges brought by the pandemic, exploring future scenarios and drafting realistic paths for the future of the exhibitions world.

Physical distance: a key issue for big-scale events like VIV’s exhibitions
In many countries the...

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