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Visit ZHENG CHANG Factories and Typical Project

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of ZhengChang Group, Shanghai ZhengChang International and its customers visited ZhengChang factory and Anhui Kingsino livestock & poultry feed plant constructed by ZhengChang.


First station: Grain Engineering


Visit Grain Engineering large-scale silo


Visit various production workshops


Explain the technical principle for the customer


Visit product showroom


Second station: ZHENG CHANG Group


Visit product showroom


Third station: Anhui Kingsino livestock & poultry feed plant

In October 2014, the listed company Jin Xin Nong in Shenzhen was focusing on the development of high-end feed and technological industrial chain, signed an investment cooperation agreement with Jiujiang, Wuhu district government, to establish Anhui Kingsino biological feed Co. Ltd., a modern, intelligent high-end pig feed production factory with an annual output of 500 thousand tons and investment of 250 million RMB, covering an area of 120 mu.The whole project was built by ZHENG CHANG in 2016. The project has 9 production lines, including five 420 production lines, two extruding production lines and two 10t/h compound premix production lines, five corn silos with capacity of 2000 tons, two high-quality corn and sorghum silos with capacity of 600 tons, six soybean meal insulation silos with capacity of 300 tons, enmeshed drag conveyer and bucket elevator.


During the visit, the customers had a close observation and contact with ZhengChang products. Then they will have a deeper understanding of ZhengChang and full confidence in ZhengChang's stable and reliable product quality. 
We believe that in the future, the both sides will be able to cooperate steadily and work...

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