The World-class CITIC-Belarus Feed Project was Officially Started


Recently, Vice General Manager Jianqiang Yang of CITIC Construction and Vice Prime Minister Kuhalev of Belarus attended the commencement ceremony of the Belarus agro-industrial complex project, and jointly poured the concrete for the feed plant built by ZhengChang and other large-scale feed machinery processing equipment and engineering service providers, marking the formal start of the civil construction of the project.

Kuhalev highly praised the excellent achievements of CITIC Construction in Belarus. He believed that CITIC Construction would be able to complete this project successfully.

Jianqiang Yang said that this project was the seventh project constructed by CITIC Construction in Belarus. CITIC Construction is not only the general contractor of this project, but also the shareholder of the project company. It will actively bring into play the rich experience accumulated in Belarus, mobilize superior resources, carefully arrange and ensure timely and quality completion, and strive to build this project into a new paradigm.


For the project, ZhengChang is responsible for the comprehensive equipment supply and construction of "600,000 tons of high-grade feed (pig, chicken, cattle and sheep) production line" and "450,000-ton steel silo project". This is the unanimous decision of Belarus National Biological Group and CITIC Group after nearly two years of research and investigation on numerous feed equipment, storage equipment and complete system service providers at home and abroad.

Why they chose ZhengChang?

Field investigation①: Shuanghui high-grade chicken feed project with an annual output of 400,000 tons


Leaders of Belarus and CITIC Group have made many investigations to ZhengChang, and visited  Shuanghui 400,000 tons of poultry feed project constructed by ZhengChang. It consists of 4 558E pelleting lines, 1 premix line, 6 sets of 3000-ton screw silos for maize, 3 sets of 3000-ton screw silos for wheat, 6 sets of 250-ton screw silos for soybean meal, 20 units of screw bins for finished products, the whole project covers an area of 2500 cubes.

3D digital design with accurate design creates a comprehensive project. This series of links from the whole plant layout, process design, equipment personalization, installation and commissioning, electrical control, to production technology, maintenance training, etc. are all the industry leading, helping Shuanghui achieve the transformation and upgrading of breeding strategy.

Field investigation②: Kingsino high-grade pig feed project


They expressed their satisfaction with Zhengchang's professional, systematic, stable and reliable products and services through on-the-spot investigation on Kingsino high-grade piglet feed production line.

Up to now, ZhengChang has built 6 high-quality pig feed production lines for Kingsino, which not only helps dealers and farmers to improve feed quality, creates benefits for customers,...

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