The processing technology of ZHENG CHANG gear and ring die

To produce each product with the most exquisite craftsmanship.
To control each detail with the harshest standard.


Feed equipment’s each detail has high technical requirements, from raw materials to components, from components to the whole machine and from the whole machine to operation. Let's appreciate the charm of this traditional manufacturing industry.

The birth of a core component - gear
Gear is an important transmission part of feed machinery’s main product - pellet mill,  
and its processing technology embodies the manufacturing level of pellet mill. ZHENG CHANG geared pellet mill is popular both at home and abroad, it is derived from the elaboration during the process, which makes the gear drive more efficient, stable, reliable and durable. 

Sawing machine: The quality forgings are cut into the blanks for processing.


Lathe: The blanks are processed into high precision parts according to drawing and process standard.


Tooth forming: Use high-precision gear hobbing to ensure the accuracy of tooth shape.


Gear heat treatment: the imported continuous heat treatment furnace is used to quench the overall gear, improve the strength and the hardness of the tooth, and ensure the service life can reach 10-15 years.


Grinding and finishing: Germany imported high-precision gear grinding machine is used to fine grind inner bore and end face of gear to meet the accuracy of gear engagement.


Gear detection: Detect the forgings’ key procedures, including chemical composition, microstructure, mechanical strength, heat treatment microstructure and hardness, grinding angle and pressure angle, gear surface roughness and geometric tolerance to ensure that the processing quality meets the requirements.


ZHENG CHANG high-quality gear with service life > 50000h is the maximum guarantee for improving feed processing efficiency. These exquisite skills and strict standards have improved the accuracy, life of gears, and made the transmission system of pellet mill more reliable.

Processing of ring die

Good finish, uniform layout of die holes, reasonable hardness and hole opening rate can ensure that the ring die has a one-time discharging, high unit output and high-quality feed.


Selection of raw materials: the blanks use wear-resistant stainless steel material with special alloy elements, and ultrasonic flaw detection, to strictly control the internal quality of the ring die.


Forging pretreatment: the solid solution spheroidizing pretreatment process is used to refine the inner grain structure of the blank, further improve the strength of the forgings, and greatly reduce the deformation of the final quenching heat treatment.


Ring die hole processing: Germany imported four-axis deep-hole gun...

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