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The first step for exporting feed and feed additive to China

We can help overseas feed, feed additive as well as pet food manufacturers registration with GACC(General Administration of Customs,P.R.China) and let their products obtain Registered License with MOA. (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of People’s Republic of China). You have to finish above two registration processes before you can export your products to China legally.

And we have...

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Yaping Chang

Yaping Chang

Marketing Director, Feed China Registered License Center

Feed China Registered License Center ( is an advisory institution for providing technical compliance services, focusing on the technology consultation and agency services on imported feed and feed additives registration. Imported Feed product need to register with MOA (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the P.R.C), overseas manufacture need to register with GACC ( General Administration of Customs, P.R.C ), these are the two main services of our company. We have professional regulatory experts and technology staff to do further research the regulations and countermeasures of feed and feed additive in domestic and abroad, and provide comprehensive language support, effective communication and feedback. We can help companies achieve product compliance, registration, and quickly gain market access to enhance competitiveness. We have 1000+ Successfully cases all over the world.

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