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TETRA opens new genetic research unit

TETRA opens new genetic research unit

As a proof of the company’s long-term dedication of being involved in layer genetics, a new facility has been opened on the 30th October 2018 for their pure line program. The breeding company has now three pedigree farms and existing test facilities in Uraiújfalu, Hungary.


The construction of the new research unit financed partly by the breeding company as well as by EU funds. Research and development work here focusing mainly on new international market requirements, such as cream-colored egg production, increased tolerance of high environmental temperature in changing climatic conditions, in layers and medium and fast-growing meat hybrids breeds. In addition, new, precision feeding technologies are being developed between 2017-2020 supported by the Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation Centre - Research Infrastructure development, under the name of "Crop production and animal husbandry technologies adapted for climatic changes, sustainable agriculture and quality food production under intensive production environment ". The huge project is led by Kaposvár University, that has received 12,7 million euros grant along with Bábolna TETRA and Dalmand Co. in 2016.

Zoltán Budai, owner and managing director of TETRA, said, with the facility that is now opened, the company is owning 50.000 elit hens all together in individual cages in two locations where they can keep on track the development of individuals and egg production. In addition, 28.000 layers are kept in individual and group cages for test purpose. These animals the genetic base of the company. The quantity and quality parameters of the hens as well as the behaviour and resistance ability are investigated under various management conditions. Data is processed by a state-of-the-art computer technology with speed and efficiency.

 The company opened its new eco-hatchery in Uraiújfalu in 2014, which is also located in the western part of Hungary. All pure line and layer breeder hatching eggs are transported here, where qualified and dedicated staff and hatching machines of the latest technology are ensuring the highest quality day-old chicks. The fact that the company already had this facility, encouraged them to set up its new facility in the same geographical area. TETRA layers hatchery has the capacity of 32 million eggs per year and more than 12 million day-old pullets.


The new pure line operation consists of one production barn. It became operational in November 2018 and houses 20.440 pedigree...

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