TECHNA Group at Viv’Asia 2019

TECHNA, a leading consulting company in animal production, is pleased to announce its participation at VIV’ ASIA 2019, one of the leading agri-food shows in the world. This three-day event will be held on March 13th-15th, at Bangkok international Trade & Exhibition Centre in Thaïland. TECHNA team of feed industry professionals will be on-hand Hall 104 Booth 1631, including Christian Debevere, Swine expert at TECHNA feed expertise unit and Thierry Rocaboy, Head of TECHNA NUTRITION VIETNAM, TECHNA’s affiliate in Vietnam.

“Our attendance at VIV’ ASIA underscores our dedication to improve rational management of gut health and breeding conditions aiming for less antibiotics on farms”, said Christian Debevere.

Balancing social expectations & the rising demand for meat in Asia

Current food trends in South-East Asia are driven by economic growth, a rising standard of living and increased consumer demand. More fresh meat products and processed meat (meatballs, sausages) are required to feed an ever-increasing population. Nowadays, there are very high social expectations for food safety in Asia and animal feed is a key element within the global value chain from farm to fork. Antimicrobial resistance is a major food safety concern, not only in Thaïland but also in the whole South-East Asia.

The trend shift towards less antibiotics on farms

At TECHNA, it is firmly believed that it is possible to improve animal performance with less antibiotics.

This trend shift can be triggered via a four-step strategy, as follows:

1. Back to the basics in fulfilling each animal requirements. The first lever is to maximize feed intake by allowing the animal to ingest the right quantity of feed according to its requirements, in order to prevent any shortage or excess. This can be achieved through feeding strategy, matrix management, the use of palatable raw materials, suited feed presentation and by resorting to feed additives such as Reganol®, a judicious blend of essential oils and vegetable extracts from aromatic plants and citrus.

2. Optimizing digestive mechanisms by stimulating intestinal villi and enzyme secretions. Feed digestibility must be optimal and one must ensure...

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