Slot Car Buying Guide For game slot

Racing and collecting slot cars is a great hobby for speed enthusiasts and model kit lovers. You can find affordable starter sets that won't break the game slot bank. The sheer number of brands available can be overwhelming. You should learn more about these top brands and their strengths, as well as the differences in scale models.

Brands available to you

Five brands are currently the most popular for slot cars. These are Scalextric and Ninco, Revell Monogram, Carrera, Artin, Revell-Monogram and Carrera. Scalextric tracks and cars are quite expensive, but their products are very well-made. Artin and Ninco are both known for being quite affordable, but can have rough finishes. Artin is the most affordable of the five brands. It is made mostly from plastic. Carera tracks and cars are mid-range in quality and price. They aren't toy cars, but 1:24 models. Competitor cars must be 1:32 scale. If you plan to teach your children how to build cars, Revell-Monogram models are ideal. game slot With minor supervision from an adult, the beginner kits by Revell-Monogram are easy to use for 8-10 year olds.

Explore tracks

The scale of the tracks will determine how varied the tracks are. These tracks can be made of plastic or wood. If you are using plastic tracks, Scalextric is a well-known brand for smooth finishes. Track installation can be difficult if the plastic is not smooth. You can also...

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