ShowDaily VIV Europe - Day 2

ShowDaily VIV Europe - Day 2

Spotlight on innovations at VIV Europe

The Innovation Gallery inspires VIV Europe visitors to the max. The forest shaped gallery is fully dedicated to the theme of 2018: Sharing Data = Better Poultry. At VIV Europe we want to open a discussion about the benefits achievable by sharing data along the poultry supply chain, rather than simply collecting them for only a narrow analysis. The Innovation Gallery highlights about thirty companies that have products and solutions to lead the industry towards the future. Check out the two innovations in this ShowDaily and stroll around in our innovation forest.

Red Mite Monitoring System 
Hotraco Agri presented their novelty at VIV Europe on the first trade show morning. In collaboration with the University of Wageningen they developed a Red mite Monitoring System. The system consists of a plastic perch with advanced electronics, linked to an intelligent data management system. It does not treat the flock, but keeps track on the population of mites. This valuable data will help farmers to monitor, to decide when to start treatment and to check the effect of the treatment.


Solution stops mites from reaching the hen
Vencomatic developed a solution that stops mites from reaching the hen: the Q-perch. Integrated in the innovation are two barriers which kill the mite on its way to the hen. It offers a continuous line of defence, reducing the number of red mites in the poultry house. Pesticides can be eliminated and the hens can rest on the comfortable Q-Perch. 


African delegates enjoy VIV Europe

Together with VIV, the Netherlands-African Business Council organised special tours for African delegations on the first day of VIV Europe. In small groups they visited several booths to hear about the latest trends and highlights in all parts of the poultry production chain. “It is so interesting to be here. We are growing fast as a market and we need to be up to date with all knowledge and solutions”, responded a satisfied participant from Burkina Faso. 

Over the last few years, NABC has hosted more than 60 trade missions in Africa and over 50 in the Netherlands. They allow both African and Dutch businesses to become familiar with the practices, strategies and technologies used in their respective regions, and often usher in fruitful business relationships.


Tasty egg products

The Centre Court in the middle of hall 9 is the stage of Eggiedays, producer of tasteful products that mainly consist of protein from Dutch eggs. Chef Piet van den Bosch explains in live cooking sessions what the possibilities are with these versatile products. Not only do Eggiedays’ products contain important vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t contain much calories, but most important: it tastes delicious. This ‘forgotten’ egg source is a full-fledged meat alternative and is very suitable for vegetarians or flexitarians. Piet van den Bosch is enthusiastic: “I am really surprised by the end result! I’m part of a test panel to test vegetarian products and that does not always make me very happy. With this product,...

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