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Shimu Group Have Been Passed The GMP Re-Inspection

Shimu Group Have Been Passed The GMP Re-Inspection

Congratulations to Shimu Group for passing the passing the GMP re-inspection by the Ministry of Agriculture. For now, Shimu Pharm has 11 production line, including powder, pelvis, premix, disinfectant, pesticides, oral solution, tablets, granules, injection, intramammary infusion and feed additive.

From 3-4 Nov. 2018, the inspectors from Hebei Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau inspected Shimu Pharm. Shimu Pharm warmly welcomes the expert and appreciate the advice they mentioned.



Meeting before inspection, General Manager Mr. Zhao made a detailed introduction to the inspection team especially the process and layout.

On-site inspection, the inspection team inspected all the production line and spoke highly about the tablet, injection and infusion line, these lines equipped with advanced equipment, like full-automatic solution filling machine, one step wet process granulating machine, plastic syringe filling and capping machine, etc. and reasonable layout to avoid cross-contamination. Advanced air conditioning system to make sure the quality environment of the clean area by first, second and HEPA filter. And high efficient water preparation system ensures the production line with sufficient and quality water.



The upgrade laboratory and professional workers can make sure all the raw materials and finished products meet the standard. Also, the warehouse has a separate area for different status materials and products.



All the production line, auxiliary facility, laboratory, documents and management according to the principle of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to guarantee the products manufactured with high quality.


With a new starting point and a new journey, Shimu will take this...

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