Sam Hwa's operations expands

Sam Hwa's operations expands

Thirty-eight years after his father Ivan has installed Petersime machines in Cheong-So, Vincent Van der Beken coordinates a new hatchery project for Sam Hwa in Korea. Those old incubators are still in operation with stable hatchability. Sam Hwa therefor trusts Petersime to be a reliable partner for their new commercial broiler hatchery. This new project aims to be the most advanced hatchery in Korea integrating modern technology in addition to proven performance and service.

A next chapter in success

Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri., Inc. existed long before the hatchery in Cheong-So. The company is a second-generation family owned business in poultry and pigs. It has a history of over 60 years. Their company motto of pursuing the best, being always ready and leading in research and development is what drives them. Today they have a 40% share in the Korean parent stock market. After a successful GPS operation and exceptional PS performance, Sam Hwa has full confidence in the expansion of their hatchery operation to a commercial hatchery with a 1.5 million weekly setting capacity. With this upgrade Sam Hwa can contribute to the demands of the local broiler industry by providing a consistent supply of high-quality DOC. Vincent Van der Beken, Petersime’s Hatchery Project Manager for this new hatchery proudly states: “I am very pleased to be part of this project. Mr Sung Hwang Bae President of Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri Inc. aims high. With a long-term vision and a strong emphasis on sustainability, durability and technology, this project is state of the art. Coordinating this is a challenge I’m happy to accept.”

Mr Ivan Van der Beken and Mr Sung Hwang Bae

Petersime and Saw Hwa, a long-standing partnership

One of Sam Hwa's hatcheries, Cheong-So hatchery, has Petersime incubators that were installed in 1982 by Vincent’s father. They are still in production after 38 years....

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