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Royal Agro Farm chooses Pas Reform to enter Indian poultry market

Royal Agro Farm chooses Pas Reform to enter Indian poultry market

Leading Indian agricultural company Royal Agro Farm is expanding into poultry production for the first time and it has chosen integrated hatchery solutions specialist Pas Reform to equip its hatchery with SmartPro™ technologies.

The state-of-the-art facility, at a 400-acre site in Udumalpet, Tamil Nadu, is a key part of the new poultry business, which also includes breeder growing facilities and breeding farms.

Royal Agro Farm Managing Partner Mr. M.S.Sunther says: “Pas Reform’s reputation locally made it easy for us to decide on SmartPro™ equipment for this project. 

“We knew about the engineering capability of the Pas Reform group and we have been in close contact with them to plan the hatchery layout and make technical project calculations, to ensure we can both optimise incubation conditions and maximise chick quality.”

The project comprises a first phase of 400,000 day-old broilers per week divided over four hatches. It entails 12 SmartSetPro™ setters, each with a capacity of 124,416 hatching eggs, and 12 SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, each with a capacity of 20,736 hatching eggs.

This fully integrated hatchery project also includes climate control and automation systems....

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