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Pure natural feed dietary fiber from JOINSHA-Hall No.105-909

  MEXIDO (basic type) is a pure natural dietary fiber product, containing a special ratio of fermentable fibers and non-fermentable fibers, with strong water-absorption. 

1. The character of MEXIDO:

1) Pure natural dietary fiber product contains soluble fiber and fermentable fiber.

2) Very strong water absorbing capacity.

3)Non-bran ration, decrease the risk of mycotoxin.

2. The Application value of MEXIDO:

1) Non-Bran diet can reduce the mycotoxin content in feed, and decrease the immune inhibition.

2) Eliminating constipation of sows.

3) It contains special ratio of fermentable fibers, enabling production of short chain fatty acid (butyric acid, etc.) in intestinal tract, restore the damage of intestinal villus and promote its growth.

4) The fermentable fibers are fermented in intestinal tract, then it stimulate the growth of anaerobic bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

5) Has super water-absorbing and water-binding capacities, can increase the fullness sensation of pregnant sow and extend...

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