Project tracking - High efficiency drying project

Wutuhe farm, which belongs to Jiangsu Province, is a rare natural farm and a comprehensive enterprise integrating processing, selling and storing, with convenient sea, road and air transportation, fertile land, main production of rice, wheat and so on.

In early 2015, in order to ensure the quality of seed and improve the processing efficiency, the farm’s seed breeding center invested more than 5 million RMB to introduce "Fengshen" rice, wheat and seeds production line and storage system, a set of automatic processing equipment of Grain Engineering (which belongs to ZHENG CHANG Group), and now the seed breeding and the agricultural mechanization have been basically realized.


Silo: There are 8 silos on-site, with single volume of about 750 cubic meters. It is equipped with hot-dip galvanized sheet, with the thickness of cone bucket up to 5mm. Every single silo is equipped with 3 temperature measuring cables, upper and lower levelling device, guardrail, ladder, handrail and silo door.


Bucket elevator: TDTG50/28 bucket elevator, with height up to 32 meters, can convey 50 tons of rice per hour and 60 tons of wheat per hour. Use high strength and wear-resistance bucket and chain transmission. Its head and tail use 4mm...

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