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Prinzen launches new farm packer

Prinzen launches new farm packer

With the introduction of the Prinzen 70, Prinzen extends their product range of farm packers for table egg packing. The new packer is especially designed for careful egg packing on 30-cell trays and has a 6 row cup configuration. The gentle egg transfer, compact & flexible design, ease in operation and low costs of maintenance explain why this packer is a must-have for table egg producers!

The Prinzen 70 is partly based on the proven technology of the PSPC series. The new packer is offering an effective operating capacity of 25,200 eggs per hour, eggs are packed points down corrected and with highest care. The clear overview ensures full egg control and an ergonomic workplace for the operator. The optimized tray handling with the latest denester increases performance and user friendliness. Prinzen 70 is constructed from robust and durable materials. Special attention is given to the design to ensure that vital parts are easy accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

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Steffie Jansen

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