Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure

Vencomatic Group proudly launches their solution to control red mite. Red mite is a parasite that is on average present on 83% of European poultry farms and causes many losses*. The introduction of red mite in a poultry house is almost inevitable. On top of that, trends like extending the lay-ing cycle and a shrinking number of options in pesticides contribute to the problem. This makes the importance of fighting this parasite vital for poultry farmers.

The revolutionary Q-Perch is a mechanic solution that controls red mite based on their natural lifecycle. In short: it withholds from eating and thereby prevents them from reproducing. 

The Q-Perch (patented) is a perch containing two barriers that kill red mite on their journey to-wards the chicken. There is a small electrical current running through the barriers with which the chickens cannot come into contact, but is lethal for red mite. Since the red mite cannot reproduce without feed, the population never increases, and thus this solution makes the use of...

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Steffie Jansen

Steffie Jansen


Vencomatic Group is a leading company in the poultry sector. It is our ambition to bring poultry husbandry to a higher level. For this, we develop and market sustainable, animal-friendly products. We are proud to pioneer and create the best products together with our customers. Think ahead with poultry people.

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