Poultry taking the lead in Bangladesh

Poultry taking the lead in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known as a poor country. Yet the times are changing. Economic growth accounted for about 6 percent annually in the past years. As a result, buying power of the average Bengal is substantially on the rise. With that, also the outlook for the poultry sector is promising. Further professionalizing the sector is needed however. - By Ad Bal

Bangladesh is primarily a Muslim country. As a result, poultry is a strong driver in the animal protein business. And fish of course, which is still takes command in consumption. Next comes poultry, which accounts for about 90 percent of total meat consumption. Apart from chicken, that includes turkey, duck and other feathered animals. Chicken however, is the strongest driver. According to the Bangladesh Poultry Industries Council (BPICC), annual consumption currently accounts for about 6 kilograms per head. To make a comparison: consumption in the EU was 25 kgs in 2017. Egg consumption is also limited with only 84 pieces per head (5.5 kgs), whereas the EU holds for over 12 kgs per capita. Yet, the poultry industry plays an important role in the Bangladesh economy. Next to the garment industry, the poultry sector is the second biggest industry in the country. Total daily production accounts for 4,000 MT on the meat side and 38 million shell eggs, with a present growth rate of 15%. Impressive figures!  

Seven large scale, fully integrated companies, are dominating the poultry sector in Bangladesh with about 70 percent of total production 

Seven big companies Given the fact that the 170 million population country is in an upward movement with rising incomes, the poultry business in Bangladesh is in a favorite position. But it is facing challenges as well. About 70 percent of the domestic production is dominated by seven big, fully integrated and professional large scale companies. Well-known names are Paragon, Kazi, Nahar Agro, ACC, CP, Aftab and Nourish. All these are state of art companies, using the latest technology from well-known international suppliers. They are in full command of everything, both on the meat -, as well as on the egg side. They are keeping their own parent - and even grandparent stock, sourced by also the well-known global breeding companies. And they produce their own compound feed. Also they have their own retail shops, selling products under...

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