Petersime marks a milestone: 10.000th OvoScan™ technology project


Petersime’s OvoScan™ technology hits its 10.000th sale this year. This means that over 30.000 OvoScan™ sensors are currently measuring the eggshell temperature of incubated eggs in BioStreamer™ setters all over the world.

As part of Petersime’s Embryo-Response Incubation™ technologies, the OvoScan™ system adjusts the temperature of the embryo’s environment in the setter by controlling the eggshell temperature. In fact, it mimics the attentiveness and real-time temperature control of the parent bird.

So, why is the system so popular? We asked Mr Arkadiusz Rydellek, CEO of Park Drobiarski, a top producer of broiler chicks on the Polish market.

“Temperature is one of the most important elements influencing the chick quality, that’s why we decided to equip all our setters with OvoScan™ sensors”, he starts off. “Using OvoScan™ made it significantly easier to manage the hatchery because we no longer have to use various temperature programmes for different flock ages.”

Besides, the OvoScan™ has a positive impact on the In-Ovo vaccination in their hatchery. “The effectiveness of In-Ovo vaccination depends on the right development time of the embryo, and OvoScan™ helps achieving this.”, explains Mr...

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