Petersime contributes to another Eagle’s Pride success story


Eagle’s Pride Hatchery is moving forward again with its brand-new farm at Hekpoort. In its pursuit to be the preferred supplier of day-old chicks in Southern Africa, the company saw potential in this beautiful site and decided to rebuild and upgrade it to a fully integrated operation with its own hatchery.

The original hatchery on the site was 40 years old and had been patched. Besides, areas had been added without thinking through. This is not the Eagle’s Pride way, so the company decided to develop and build a complete new hatchery together with Petersime. Conventional incubators and HVAC included, of course.

A challenging project. Not only because the farm was lying at the edge of a mountain and they had to move a lot of soil to get a decent area level to build on. The new hatchery expansion also had to connect with the old facility, which was a tough row to hoe. Luckily, a team of Petersime engineers and local distributor Spartan Equipment made it all possible.

Now the new Hekpoort hatchery is ready and running, what about the results? “The first 2 start-up hatches were a bit below our standards, but after that, everything was running smoothly, with a superb chick quality as a result”, commented Wynand...

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