ACTINI SAS enjoys a history that dates back to 65 years of manufacturing pasteurization and sterilization systems.

Expert in the design of complete egg processing lines (liquid and powder), ACTINI has developed a specific pasteurization technology dedicated to the treatment of eggs: the OVOFLASH® UHP (Ultra-High Pasteurization) technology.

 First and foremost, egg products are intended to those who need big quantities of eggs. According to the activity of the user, egg products are appreciated for:

  • The binding property of Yolk and White proteins
  • The whipping property of White proteins
  • The emulsifying property and the stability given by the Yolk viscosity
  • The crystallization control of White
  • The natural coloring property of egg pigments
  • The flavoring property of Whole and Yolk.

 ACTINI wanted to offer his customers the possibility not only to produce extended shelf life egg products (up to 12 weeks) but also high quality egg products with functional properties similar to fresh eggs.

This is now possible with the OVOFLASH® ultra-pasteurizer system which will make the elimination of all potential pathogenic microorganisms possible.

Thermally treated at 74°C, the log reduction is very high. Killing the most resistant germs, the egg product can get a shelf life up to 12 weeks.

This optimization has been achieved not only as a result of heating technology, but as a result of high speed and short residence time also allowed by a fully tubular design.

Reaching such a high temperature without thickening the white egg is only possible thanks to this combination.


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