Optimal chick storage conditions with Petersime’s new BioStreamer™ Chick-Store

Optimal chick storage conditions with Petersime’s new BioStreamer™ Chick-Store

Temperature, airflow and oxygen play an important role in keeping the environment of day-old chicks in the right conditions. Consistently controlling these conditions in a storage room is not always easy. Petersime has developed a new incubator that automatically delivers the perfect chick storage environment: the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store.


Chick storage redefined

Suboptimal storage conditions can negatively affect chick quality, post-hatch performance and animal welfare, especially if storage times are long and transport times following storage are extended. To guarantee that every chick receives the same ‘ideal storage treatment’, we have developed a new incubator: the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store.

Chicks that are held in an optimal storage environment will show higher quality, perform better post-hatch and are less likely to die in the first week. At the same time, the completely controlled environment also improves their well-being.

Petersime maximises the potential of your day-old chicks

By introducing the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store, Petersime offers you a solution that automatically delivers a completely controlled chick storage environment in any climate and any size hatchery.

Inside the BioStreamer™ Chick-Store, the temperature is controlled in a very precise way, creating the perfect, uniform ambient temperature for chick storage. Another critical factor in storage, besides temperature, is airflow. The BioStreamer™ Chick-Store distributes air evenly over the rows of chick...

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