Optimal air for the largest insect production site in Scandinavia

Optimal air for the largest insect production site in Scandinavia

Optimal air for the largest insect production site in Scandinavia

In 2023, Enorm Bio Factory A/S will start Denmark’s first large-scale insect production using Inno+ emission management and energy recovery.

Good conditions critical

A characteristic of insect production is that the larvae convert biomass residues into protein in a highly efficient way. It is a production form where the air quality deteriorates rapidly and where a lot of moisture and heat is generated. The production requires an efficient ventilation system with high and uniform air exchange ensuring good production conditions throughout the house.

Free energy to optimise air

Through our sister, company SKOV we have been in partnership with Enorm since 2020, developing a ventilation and emission management system for their pilot plant. We recently fired up the energy recovery system from air scrubbing and so far, it is running exactly as expected. Using free thermal energy to optimise the incoming air during these cold winter months. From this collaboration over the last year, we now have the necessary knowledge and expertise to implement this solution to large-scale insect plants. Our 20-year history in livestock agriculture has taught us that it is essential to provide climate systems based on the animals’ needs. Especially when producing on scale. Focussing on production performance in this way means our customer can achieve maximum profit.


First full-scale production facility

The planned production facilities at Enorm cover an area of 24,000 m2, where they expect to deliver 36,000 tonnes of larvae per year. The green profile of the plant is optimized via air cleaning and heat recovery, which provides a minimal impact on the environment and optimal utilization of natural resources. The collaboration with SKOV has been critical in allowing us to reach this first significant goal for our Insect business. As their knowledge and experience was prerequisite for Enorm to establish...

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