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News About the Belt and Road | The first phase of delivery of the large-scale Belarus-CITIC project has been completed ahead of schedule!

In the golden and harvest season, ZHENG CHANG loaded several large-scale feed equipment lines and delivered them all to Belarus 7261 kilometers away, which will contribute to the early completion of the Belarus-CITIC project.

As the largest livestock and poultry feed project in Belarus, Belarus-CITIC project has a major impact on the development of the feed industry in Belarus. In order to better serve the customers, ensure the quality of equipment, as well as the fast and efficient delivery, we set up an engineering service team. During the work for more than a year, the team has been praised by customers many times and regarded as a trustworthy elite team.

During the delivery, the manager of the engineering service team had been supervising on-site, carefully checking whether the equipment information, packaging protection, spare parts and so on conform to the specifications. ‘As a special team of ZHENG CHANG Engineering Service, we always focus on service details, paying attention to fast and efficient delivery, ensuring there are no defects of equipment, rigorous and safe loading, to safely deliver high-quality equipment to customers and provide high standards of support for the project,’ she said.



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