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New Zealand Groundbreaking Supports Cobb's Asia Strategy

New Zealand Groundbreaking Supports Cobb's Asia Strategy

Cobb-Vantress, Inc. / Siloam Springs, Arkansas, USA: Cobb-Vantress is one step closer to beginning construction on its new operation in New Zealand after a recent groundbreaking at the site. The facility is expected to create around 100 jobs and is located in Rontongaro, near Huntly, South Auckland on 368-acres (148-hectares).  

At the groundbreaking, Cobb-Vantress president Joel Sappenfield expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome to New Zealand.

“We want to thank our new neighbors, new friends and old friends. We look forward to being good neighbors in this new land. I admire your beautiful country and culture, which we are very proud to be part of,” Sappenfield said.

Cobb-Vantress’ $40 million USD investment will produce grandparent chickens to breed high-value chicks which will be exported to distributors and Cobb’s own operation in China to meet expected Asia-Pacific demand.

Asia Pacific is the poultry breeder’s fastest growing region, and the new facility takes advantage of the favorable poultry health status that New Zealand enjoys. New Zealand has historically experienced lower occurrences of diseases such as avian influenza, and therefore is expected to provide a stable and lower disease-risk point of supply.

“The Cobb New Zealand project is strategically important for Cobb’s Asia Pacific region. We expect Cobb New Zealand to consistently supply genetics to most of Asia,” Pelayo...

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