New Uzbekistan Livestock and Poultry Feed Project

In September 2017, the latest livestock and poultry feed and steel silo project in Uzbekistan constructed by ZHENG CHANG were successfully completed and put into operation. ZHENG CHANG achieved the second cooperation with customers, with high-quality products and services, to create high standard of feed engineering for customers.


It is a leading enterprise of the Uzbekistan feed industry and the first industrial compound feed enterprise in Uzbekistan. The first project of cooperation between the two sides used ZHENG CHANG's poultry feed unit with an output of 3 t/h. It was built in 2010, and there are no any problems on equipment quality up to now. The products sold are favored by its customer.
In 2017, the second project was completed and put into operation in Samarkand. The project included one 5 t/h livestock and poultry feed line and three 500 tons of steel silos. The main equipment used are SZLH350 pellet mill, SFSP112 x 30E hammer mill, SLHY1 mixer, SKLN2.5 cooler and so on.


SZLH350 pellet mill
Applicable for medium and large-sized feed mills. With an output of 1.5-8 t/h.
Equipped with electrode less speed-adjusting motor for feeding, strong magnetic protection device, external discharge device and manual lubricating system.  


SFSP112 x 30E hammer mill
Applicable for various pellets like corn, broomcorn, beam, wheat, crushed cakes, etc.
Multi-cavity for grinding, efficiency increased by 30%.
Several sets of shear plates enhance shearing force. 


SLHY1 Mixer
Moderate mixing, high uniformity, no segregation
Short mixing cycle, fast discharging, and small residual amount
The two-way spiral belt rotor is made of high quality alloy steel, and the rotor is equipped with a circular ring cleaning device
Smooth transmission and abrasion, convenient maintenance
Several atomized nozzles can be equipped to add the liquid


SKLN2.5 Cooler
Mainly applicable to a variety of particle material’s cooling.
Use countercurrent cooling principle, full cooling and high uniformity.
The temperature of pellets after cooling is not higher than 3-5℃ at room temperature.


There were some difficulties during the construction, such as the unskilled operation of the workers,...

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