New standard in maximizing bio security

New standard in maximizing bio security

The combination of live embryo detection and directly removing exploders is Innovatecs most innovative development for maximizing bio security in the hatchery. For this purpose Innovatec has launched the CLEANchick™ Dual Technology & Exploder Removal System.

The candling process is based on non-contact free detection of living embryos. With an unmatched accuracy and a high capacity, eggs are candled in a spilt second. Directly after candling, exploders and large dead embryos are removed by suction. By application of this contact-free concept, a virtually 100% cross contamination-fee product is assured.

Clean chicks, clean hatchery environment, reduced antibiotic need and less grading labour make a big contribution to healthier chicks and a more profitable business.

Benefits at glance

  • Maximizing bio security
  • Clean environment in hatchers, Candling & Transfer room and Chick Handling room
  • Reduction of antibiotics
  • Less grading labour required
  • Significantly more and healthier chicks
  • Reducing first-week mortality

The CLEANchick™ Dual Technology unit will be showing during VIV Asia. You’re welcome to visit our booth H101.2931. Our  team is there to inform you about this innovative equipment. 


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